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A cataract is a clouding of the normally clear lens of the eye.  It can be compared to a window that is frosted or yellowed.
Educational Brochures
For your reference, we have included the following links to educational information about the various eye conditions that Dr. Wray frequently treats. Click "More Info" to learn more or send a request for more information.
Diabetic Retinopathy
If you have diabetes mellitus, your body does not use and store sugar properly. High blood sugar levels can damage blood vessels in the retina.

Dry Eye
Our eyes need tears to stay healthy and comfortable.  If your eyes do not produce enough tears it's called dry eye.
Floaters & Flashes
Floaters look like small specs, dots, circles, lines or cobwebs in your field of vision.
Stye Chalazion
A Stye is a small, red painful lump that grows from the base of your eyelash or under the eyelid.  Most are caused by a bacterial infection.
Subconjuctival Hemorrhage
This is when one or more blood spots appear on the white of your eye.  The eye's conjuctiva contains a lot of tiny blood vessels that can break.
Age-Related Macular degeneration (AMD for short) is a problem in the retina that causes you to lose your central vision and the ability to see fine details.
Eye health information from the American Academy of Ophthalmology
Eye health information from the American Academy of Ophthalmology.

The Eye M.D. Association.
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Amblyopia is poor vision in an eye that did not develop normal sight during early childhood. It is sometimes called "lazy eye."
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Conjunctivitis is the term used to describe swelling (inflammation) of the conjunctiva (Pink Eye)
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